• Interior

    Carpet makes a difference

    So, we really did some changes here at home this week. First of all, last Saturday I sold our glas/brass table and we were without a coffee table maybe during three days. I was lucky to find this white Ikea, fully new coffee table but second hand! Perfect and it gives more space now. It also brightens up the room.  The rug I’ve been longing for but been to cheap to buy plus we needed to get baby stuff first. Finally black Friday arrives and we drive directly to the store to get it for a bit less. So worth waiting for things! I am in love, it’s so cozy…

  • Life

    Continuing making space for baby

      As I’ve been saying before we are planning everything after the space we live in. So we want to be smart and not to overfill our home. We still want it to feel nice and airy plus I want our bay to have place when she is starting to crawl. We already have a lot of clothes that’s been given from my sister, also my mother in law as gifts. It’s impossible to know how big baby you will get so buying clothes is not highest on the list as we have plenty to start with. We bought this bureau from IKEA just to make enough of space to…

  • Interior

    Art deco lamp

    This old vintage lamp I think I have had for a decay! No, serious. It’s been with me so long, ever since my first apartment. But what I wanted to do all the time was to throw the old lamp shade, I was even thinking of get rid of the whole lamp since I was so tired of it. But now, I’m happy that my mind caught up with me to NOT to do it!. It’s a beautiful stand with marble and brass so it’s a bit heavy.    I have been trying for months to find a special lamp shade, but either they are way to expensive or not…

  • Interior

    IKEA purchase

    I can for sure say that I’m really satisfied with this purchase from IKEA. This classic couch you can for sure see in many homes. I was first imagining some other couch or nice chair to have. But then I also wanted something cozy and gentle. As we tried this in the store and discussed back and forth we finally made a decision. So now, after been having it at home for about three weeks, I love it more and more. It’s is as it looks like, comfortable! You can of course get it in other colors. We bought the safe color to not be scared of mixing with pillows…

  • Interior

    Breakfast in bed

    Today I’ll make sure to enjoy my morning and why not make it more luxurious with a bed tray. I bought it from IKEA, and it looks so simple but also very nice. So happy breakfast!

  • Interior

    Our bureau

      As previously written, we made purchases now lately at IKEA and here are pictures of the famous Malm bureau which are a classic. You see it in many Swedish homes. I thought it was so boring before but suddenly began to really like it. It is also practical at the moment of what we need it for. At first I thought of the white but it became this white-laced. We thought it was so nice and it gives a slightly warmer impression. The whole apartment is white! I love to wear colors on me, but here at home I have chose to keep antique white on the walls and to keep calm colors around.  At home…

  • Interior

    New couch at home

    I promised pictures on furnitures we bought this month for us. We ended up with this one from IKEA. We had in mind for something else first and away a little from IKEAs world.  But that didn’t happen. This one is super comfy and for a good price. I like the modell too. I think it creates a nice elegant feeling but still cozy. Or what do u guys think?