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    Honey – why to eat everyday

    I love honey. I mean really love. I think it doesn’t go a day by without eating some honey. Since first time I tasted honey I fell in love. So, I’m picky now. I have tasted many good ones but now I’m lucky since my husbands parents has their own honey in the garden. And for me it’s the best taste ever. Every time we are visiting them in Serbia we make sure to bring home to have. It has a nice soft delicious taste and it’s so smooth! But honey has many healthy things that I’m gonna remind/learn you readers here about. Honey contains antioxidants, vitamins and proteins that,…

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    About last night – home in the sofa

    Friday evening and of course this pregnant woman just want to relax in front of the tv with her husband. We are hooked on Netflix serie Narcos, season three now. No better way to lit candles, cuddle down and enjoy. Hope you had a nice Friday evening too!

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    Me today

    It’s gonna continue, as I wrote before, with a nice weather today. Maybe I’m boring right now with choice of clothes! But I haven’t made a big wardrobe of maternity clothes since I think it’s no needed too much. I will only buy when I feel like I need and maybe some size bigger for winter before delivery if it turns out that the maternity trousers and jeans I already have gets too small. But enough said about that. Oh, by the way same accessories as yesterday except I forgot the ring here. Check the post here from yesterday from what brands. Today is the middle of the week and…

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    Lunch date

    Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash It’s wonderful Wednesday and I’m going to meet a friend today for lunch. We are going to try a new place were they make Poke Bowls (so popular right now here in Sweden). I’ll make sure to take some pictures. I think a need to make a good list of my favorit lunch places in town. A good way for tourist who is visiting Malmo, Sweden, to know were to go.    Today the weather is gonna offer a nice sunny day so I’m gonna try to be out as much as possible. Have a great day!

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    End of summer

    I have noticed how the days are shorter now. By that mean the evenings are getting darker earlier on the evenings then before. I can feel how the end of summer is lingering. For us here in Sweden, I think we have finally been blessed. It’s been an unexpected warm summer and we had so much sunlight what we are not used to. So I say, we got a real boost of D-vitamin.  Now is the time to take care of the last summer days with daylight. Explore your city. Lie down in the park, go to the beach or sit outside for a cup of coffee as long as…