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    To use as night lamp for nursing

    There are so many night lamps to use for nursing during nights. And they are not suppose to be to strong so what better way then this string light. It has a comfortable light, looks so cute and cozy on a shelve or hanging from babys bed. I have been looking for the right color but it has mostly been grey, blue, white or pink. Well, maybe more but those are the most common that I have seen. But finally these nice colors are in store. I bought them really cheap at Jysk. I’m so in love with the colors. What do you think? I will take pics after when…

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    Bedroom – colors for fall

    This fall is perfect! It’s beautiful outside, yet colder but the air is so fresh. I feel like now it’s time to slowly prepare for winter, instead of going up tempo, this is the moment to relax. Take time to read/listen to a book you have been wanting to do but not given yourself time for. Time to change at home with some nice new interior for fall. I baked yesterday a banana cake and it turned out so delicious! This is the moment to meditate and just enjoy being inside those cold and rainy dyas. As you know from before, I mentioned I wanted some new colors for the…

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    Changes in the hallway

    Today it’s gonna be a nice and half sunny day with a temperature around 22°C. So perfect for me to be outside like yesterday. I promised pictures on how I decorated the hallway with my pampas and this is how it looks like now. Feels very much like summer inside and nice toned colors. I like it. I took my candle stand from the living room bureau and the white coral vase and placed it here instead. So for now it’s staying here. Have a great day!

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    Suddenly not so warm

    The air is more fresh now and the breeze is cooling the body temperature down. Though I am a summer person this is just prefect for me now. My pregnancy is enough heating me up, sometimes I don’t know what to do with my body. It’s too warm to sit, too tired to stand and to lie down doesn’t help always. So thank you weather for being nice to me. It’s Saturday and I’m spending my time with my mum. As I’ve been writing before, she is packing because soon they will start to renovate here. She is gonna live with us during the renovation. So now my home is…

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    Personalize your home

    I forgot about having this book at my mothers place. She found it while cleaning out old stuff from the basement. And this is nostalgic for me as I played with this book as a kid. I pretended to be some important lawyer or whatever. Now I have it in my home. Don’t be affraid to personalize your home. I think that is important above all nice interior stuff that’s out there to buy. I still feel like I want more personal stuff that makes it interesting for the eye to look at. But it takes time to create a home. Or so do I think. 

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    Old stuff hanging on

    In this corner I have old things from before. I kept the Maria statue since my first apartment. She’s been following me wherever I’ve moved.  I think it’s important in a home to have also personal things that you like and not just follow trends. You will probably read this more then hundred times in my posts. But it’s because I think it’s the ground for creating a home. The lamp is from a store called Granit. And the glas bottle I found in a second hand store along with two others.

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    To stay in all day

    Today is that day when you just want to be in you sofa all the long. It’s cold and it’s snowing. It’s already Monday and I didn’t feel like I had time during weekend to cuddle myself down enough since the reno. Well, well happy week! Our sofa is from Mio, pillow cases H&M home, blanket IKEA, tea cup Rörstrand and wooden tray from Lagerhaus.