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    Postpartum week 9

    I have been really careful after delivery with my body. I started after five days to take small walks outside with Elena. But it was really short once. Like only around the corner and then I was exhausted. Now, after two month I can finally start soft with my yoga and taking myself down to the gym. I am still recovering so be aware of that I am listening to my body. As I have mentioned before I’ve been following Tone it up. I have their app and love their workouts. It’s a big community as well for women and it keeps me so positive when it comes to workout…

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    Third trimester

    So, now I’m in third trimester. Stomach is getting rounder, she is kicking stronger inside and I’m getting heavier. But it’s all good. My hip doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ve been able to work out light here at home. Powerwalks hasn’t been so easy cause it feels like I’m not getting anywhere, so I’ve been using the bike instead. I have around 81 days left according to the app, maybe she will be early or late, we will see. We still have things to prepare at home, and some small things to buy. I am starting to use more and more of my husbands clothes like bigger jumpers etc, not the…

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    End of trimester two

      So, I have passed 65 % of my pregnancy. I’m going into week 27 now, which means it’s the last week in trimester two. The second trimester has been easy. My hip dosen’t hurt anymore, I just hade problems to walk during three weeks and was afraid that it was the pelvic starting to make problems. This is common to happen during pregnancy but it dosen’t get better until after the pregnancy. So it seems like it hasn’t been the pelvic. I have heard a lot about different mood swing during this time but I haven’t felt so much of that. More that I felt like I can cry…

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    Pictures from the weekend

    I had some pictures here from this weekend. My belly is growing, I can feel her kick more and more and stronger. It’s a strong little girl there with probably a stubborn temper like her father and her mother 😀 If I sit to high up with my legs she will start to kick to let me know she needs more space. It’s hilarious how I can already feel what she wants. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right. Can’t wait to meet her. The dress I am wearing is so comfortable and stretchy. It’s form the danish brand Ilse Jacobsen. They really have nice things for outdoor and indoor. 

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    How the first trimester started till now

    Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash All this talk about pregnancy and food can be confusing. All the stories I have heard from other women or read. Different kind of cravings and so on. When I was in week 5 or 6 (can’t remember exactly) it started to change for me. I felt sick everyday, like a continues hang over. I was so confused in what to eat and there was not much on the menu that I liked. But one thing for sure was that I needed suddenly a lot of carbs. From almost not eating bread and pasta at all to suddenly have the need to eat one sandwich directly when…