• Interior

    New interior details

    When we was out by the ocean this summer I couldn’t help myself to pick up this rock. Why a rock, so boring, but I was thinking that it’s gonna do good here at home. So I took three in different sizes. Since fall is coming soon and that says it’s time for candles again, I have purchased these three plus the small stone tray for them.    What I like to do is to mix with shapes and here I have done so. It makes it more alive and the eye wants to look around to find interesting things. I think it turned out really good, better then I…

  • Life

    Vase mess

    I hardly know were to put all my things right now. So all the vases are on my work desk. I’m getting loco here at home with this mess, hehe. But the reno is moving forward so can’t wait till we are done.