• Life

    Nice Sunday

    Yesterday was also sunny and it was not so cold. Hopefully it will continue like this now cause I am longing for spring! I was sooo tired in the morning but managed to do some yoga. Even if a day feels bad it’s better to give yourself to meditation and yoga. It does help to clear your mind when everything feels too much sometimes.

  • Beauty & Health

    Let yourself feel your feelings

    Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash It’s Monday again and maybe for some this can be a little stressful, creates anxiety or non of it. We like to blame on things like work or something else that’s given us those feelings. But if we are  honest and true to ourself it’s the mind and the thoughts who is playing with us. And once you come to realize that this means nothing dangerous or bad, life will get so much easier. I can see much more information on internet and newspapers how to work your mental health. They make it seems so easy for people to think that if you only do this you…