To work with your creativity

Sometimes I’m just stuck. What to write about all the time? Or what are you going to photograph? I remember when I was doing music and we wanted to create new songs. The idea was that we would write new but many times it was just a lot of flaming and laughing. But that was great too! 
I think it helps to have a good atmosphere around. But sometimes the ideas can come when you’re out, or talk to someone. I’ve gotten better writing down on my mobile when the idea turns on. The important thing is to find a place where you can work. Or work with someone. 
You should not forget that it is ok to find inspiration from others. You can always do better, do more and add up. Even if so many things already exist, there is place for you too.
I like using different colors when I’m writing on plain paper. I’m more of the old type. Ideally, I like to see handwritten on paper in a block. And it’s nice to be dotting a little bit around as well. Feels like creating more then.

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