Todays errands

I haven’t been too busy but it feels like I am when I now have a baby with me all the time. It’s impossible to book yourself up for too many things. Elena and I have run some errands and in all that home to my mother since she is in Vietnam on vacay. I’m helping her with her flowers. The day started with workout.

We have in our building. It’s perfect! I don’t need to go to some other gym or take the car to get there. I just take a walk over our courtyard and then I am there. Plus, usually no one is working out while I’m there. Love it! Elena was sleeping while I was getting stronger. I wore my tights, they are still a bit too tight after pregnancy but I told myself I am gonna wear them and to see the results after awhile.

Before leaving home I needed to take a mirror selfie.

Elena was so tired today hehe. So, now I’m checking out with tea and soon bedtime for me too. Good night!

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