Our bureau

As previously written, we made purchases now lately at IKEA and here are pictures of the famous Malm bureau which are a classic. You see it in many Swedish homes. I thought it was so boring before but suddenly began to really like it. It is also practical at the moment of what we need it for. At first I thought of the white but it became this white-laced. We thought it was so nice and it gives a slightly warmer impression. The whole apartment is white! I love to wear colors on me, but here at home I have chose to keep antique white on the walls and to keep calm colors around.  At home I want to reflect peace and harmony. I want it to feel like you can breath easy here. It’s our space of freedom and joy. 
I’m going to decorate with nice posters on the wall, then I think this corner is done, at least for now anyway. It looks a little empty now and I have already changed my mind about what to put there.

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