Our renovation

I have wanted to share a little bit before and after pictures on our starting point of renovation our apartment. I’ve cut a little collage from first moving in photos till today. I think we have done a good job. The apartment feels like new and smells new. All the old wallpapers, even those that were hidden from the previous renovation, are completely gone. We’re down to the concrete to get rid of everything. Nothing cheated here. The floor we decided to keep as we thought it was in good condition. All lists are also changed. I’m glad we made those small decisions. It’s not easy to renovate but once you’re done you’re so happy. Especially if you’ve done the job yourself too, then you’re extra happy and proud! The bathroom was already renovated so we did not intend to do anything there, as the same for the kitchen. Possibly in the future, replace the countertop and handles on the doors to give a different and new impression. But at a later time, now we just want to enjoy

Kitchen before we started.

Before and after on the kitchen walls.

Here were the walls done but no new lists yet. 
Today, I think it’s really cozy now.

Here I was in the middle of unpacking our stuff up to the new apartment. 

See the difference on the hallway?
Bedroom before…


…and today.

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