Yesterdays evening

Yesterday we went to the ocean to get some nice fresh air. It was a little chilly in the air but so nice and soothing. That’s why I’m wearing my chunky cable cardigan. My stomach is the hiding in the bigger size of clothes. I’m just wearing some soft shorts and a blouse from H&M and the sandals you have seen before. I bought these things in the beginning of summer. The shorts I bought in a on size bigger since I thought these would be perfect for my pregnancy and they have been really useful and so comfortable. I regret I didn’t buy one more pair but now I feel summer is probably go to it’s end soon here in Sweden. Or maybe I’m wrong. My bag is from Longchamp. Check more of their colors. Never thought I would have this packback model on me again after school! But it’s the best for the back, also biking around town. I really recommend it. 

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