New breaths

2014-06-22 08_Fotor

2014-06-21 17_Fotor

//Yesterday was the feeling of heat, sun and a new breath. I had my Saturday free from work and finally got to hang out with my niece almost a full day! The walk down to town instead of the beach cause we felt that a 3-month baby probably would not manage the heat right now. So we had a cozy lunch at Espresso with a close friend to us. I rarely get time for the city when the days are usually long on the job and if I need something I mostly order online. The easiest way I think . But old-fashioned shopping is never wrong , if it’s not too many people in the shops 😉
I found small and simple booklets from Lagerhaus and also these jars to smoothies and juices. Perfect now for the summer. I am going to use them to a photo styling for the next week so we’ll see what becomes of the pictures : D Happy Sunday!

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