5 Good things: with summer

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There are 5 good things with summer. And I know there is more but this is 5 scientific reasons why summer is the best season. Think about it for a second. You always feel lighter when summer is close. You feel free and uninhibited. There is no more must do this or must do that. Of course you still have a job but the feeling of doing some obligations is more simple. Summer makes you feel like you can do whatever you want. It brings new life to you. And to not talk about inspiration. How many times during winter time you have been thinking, ‘Can’t wait till summer then I can do this or change something’. 

So, lets start:

1.  Vitamin D – We are already familiar with this but we can’t say it enough. In Sweden we really need vitamin D. I even eat extra for this since we have so little sunlight here. But the natural sun is the best. Your immune system will get boost and it works to prevent diseases in almost every system of the body. Here is an interesting article form Dr Holic, author of  “The Vitamin D solution”.

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2. Sleep gets better – To wake up in the morning is much more exciting then during the cold winter time. You feel more fresh and the body is waking up nice from the light. The sunlight makes you have a more restful sleep at night. Also the heat makes you sleep naked to lower your body temperature. This benefits it’s own set of health, not least of inspiring you to have more sex. Dr. Virgil D. Wooten explains in an article for How Stuff Works. 


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3. Fruits – This is something I notice I do more during summertime. I fill up the body with fruits and smoothies. It’s boring always drinking water so the fruit makes it more nice to dehydrate. The best is if you find a good tasty watermelon. Here is an interesting article from Rosanna Lee, a nutrition educator, who told the Huffington Post, “These summer fruits not only taste great, but they also provide your body with water and a combination of nutrition, keeping your body healthy and happy.” 

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4. Your sweat – Sounds not so nice? But this is good for you since the body is detoxing from nasty bacterias that builds up and open the pores. So this is a boost for your mood by upping up your endorphins. It also makes your skin healthier. This is also interesting. In a study reported on by UC Berkeley, male sweat has been found to boost females’ hormone levels. In fact, it can actually improve a woman’s mood.

5. Swimming – Instead of being stuck in a boring gym why not be in the water? Swimming is really good and the water resistance works all your major muscle groups, including the shoulders, arms, hips, glutes, abs and legs. It also builds up your cardiovascular system by testing your lungs and getting your blood pumping. A nice and refreshing way to work out when the heat wave is all over the place. 

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