• Om Patricia Menger


    I started blogging a couple of years ago while working as a Realtor and discovered the charm of blogging. So today I run the blog Everyday with Color. Here I want to inspire women all around the world. I share my home, my thoughts and other fun things. I think we are all different, look different and have different stories. I want us to share our colors.
    Who am I? I got married to my great love, which I did not know was there in front of me all the time. I have always been a hopeless romantic and I am grateful every day that I got my story so I can share to you. We have our beautiful daughter Elena, we are just over 30 and dream of an old stone house in Croatia or somewhere around the mediterranean sea. Life is happening right now, we argue, we laugh, we love, we discuss the philosophy of life and we just are. I’m happy you found me! Hope I’ll inspire you too. // Patricia Menger