A just perfect saturday

Today was a really nice day with my mother. We woke up around eight and she helped me with the laundry. I’ve stayed here last night since my pelvis hurt three weeks back now and it’s difficult for me to walk and carry heavy things. And since my husband is down in Serbia visiting his family my mother has really helped me these weeks.
   So, this was me getting dressed before leaving for a lunch. My mother took me to a nice place on the countryside and we ate really nice food to then take a swedish fika (what we call it here with a cup of coffee and cake). After we went to some stores cause my mother is gonna renovate her apartment in september, so I’m helping her now with new decor at home. We are selling her old furnitures so she can buy new things. I will deff make a before and after post with her flat! Promise. I exhausted from this day and are now lying on the couch so happy!

Me, not often wearing a hat. But it just felt like a that kind of a day for a hat!

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