Art deco lamp

This old vintage lamp I think I have had for a decay! No, serious. It’s been with me so long, ever since my first apartment. But what I wanted to do all the time was to throw the old lamp shade, I was even thinking of get rid of the whole lamp since I was so tired of it. But now, I’m happy that my mind caught up with me to NOT to do it!. It’s a beautiful stand with marble and brass so it’s a bit heavy.

   I have been trying for months to find a special lamp shade, but either they are way to expensive or not the right size. Of course I went to IKEA. I didn’t want to but I got so irritated to have it without a shade. I bought this simple blush pink in a big size and look! It is perfect! The gold and the pink is really nice together and I didn’t have this in mind before. I think I’m gonna keep it like this for awhile, what do you think?

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