Baby activity gym

I’ve posted many things now for baby but I can’t help myself! That is what’s happening in my life right now. I am all surrounded by motherhood and getting ready to become a parent with my husband. The mind is all over this, at nights I don’t sleep so good. If I can’t sleep it’s because the mind is all up in what is gonna come and so many other questions is coming up. Impossible to stop really. It really is a life changing thing, she hasn’t yet arrived but I can feel it’s already changing. We are suddenly thinking of someone else in a different way, preparing to make the best for her. It’s crazy how the mind suddenly change direction. 

I wanted to wait with a baby gym but it says you can use them from month 0. My sis gave me advice that it is nice for them to lie there and look up at something colorful. Though these hanging toys are in grey color and look really nice, I will def buy something with more stronger colors. They say it is good with strong colors, makes it easier for the babies to see. But we are so into this interior things, to look pretty and nice so it’s easy to forget what the little once really need. Also we think too much for it to be Instagram approved! Wow, what a world we live in. But I can’t say that I am not a part of it cause I am. I have looked at this baby gym in the store but found it on Facebook market for cheaper money so hey, I’ve done something right! 😛 I hope she will like it. 

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