Baby bubble

I feel so bad that I haven’t updated the blog for quite a while but I have my reasons. As you all know I have been pregnant and finally our beautiful Elena popped out to this world with us. It happened in december 6th 2018, just before Christmas so the perfect gift. It has been so much since then and I really haven’t got the time to do my normal things such as blogging etc. I don’t understand mums who have time as soon as their baby comes out, with social media, were do they get the energy from?!! I have updated a little at insta but not too much. I feel like I want to give Elena all the attention before everything else.


But finally I start to feel a little as myself again, starting to get back to my normal weight, even if this is not the goal too fast. But it does help a little to feel normal hehe. I have so many thins to wright about but I don’t know were to start. I’ll just make this short post today and save for later with some nice pics. We have def changed a little at home to make it more cozy for Elena. Today I’m gonna enjoy our Saturday together. It sure feels wonderful to be three now! :DD Here is a pic and I will of course put more later on. I have taken so many of her hehe

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