Bedroom – colors for fall

This fall is perfect! It’s beautiful outside, yet colder but the air is so fresh. I feel like now it’s time to slowly prepare for winter, instead of going up tempo, this is the moment to relax. Take time to read/listen to a book you have been wanting to do but not given yourself time for. Time to change at home with some nice new interior for fall. I baked yesterday a banana cake and it turned out so delicious! This is the moment to meditate and just enjoy being inside those cold and rainy dyas. As you know from before, I mentioned I wanted some new colors for the bedroom, those warm and soft colors that goes really well for fall. and here they are. New pillow cases is giving an extra luxurious feeling when you want to stay longer in bed. Make sure to make your home your resting point especially your bedroom. You will feel more relaxed and sleep better. And it is really true what they say, no devices in the bedroom!

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