Best baby things yet…

Okey, so I am glad that we got so many things from my sister but still we bought some new things. Although, if I wouldn’t get I would deff buy it. I feel like everything we have, has been useful. Almost…

As I am breastfeeding I have used Medela pump. It is really good and I understand why the hospital have it. I was lucky to get the pump from my sis as I was going to buy it first, if she wouldn’t have found it. First I was thinking if it is necessary but now I say YES it is! I truly recommend to have the electronic one. It’s helping and saving time. Also I bought the bags for saving milk in the freezer.

I have the one to the right, Swing and it’s really good.

The baby nest is really good! So even if you buy a new one, don’t worry if you think it’s a waste of money. Cause it isn’t. The baby nest is perfect to have with you at the hospital, when it’s you due day. We didn’t think about it but when we saw other couples at the hospital having for their newborn, Sorin went home to take it to the hospital. As a newborn is used to have everything so tight around, this helps while sleeping in the hospital bed. Well, the nest is perfect when you are home, and it’s important if your baby is gonna sleep sometimes in the bed with you. Cause she or he will! This to prevent you from falling over your baby. So absolutely important to have!

Also perfect!

I love our wagon from Emmaljunga! I can walk around all day with it. It’s comfortable for you baby, and so easy to drive. To pack in the car is also easy, well in the beginning it can be a little difficult but you learn fast and then everything goes smooth. So thumbs up for Emmaljunga!

Love love love!

The babysitter is really good. I really recommend you to buy one if you are thinking about it. When you need to make dinner, clean etc this is the perfect thing for your baby. This one is form a Swedish brand Babybjörn which I think is the best brand on the market for babysitters.

I am happy I prepped everything before Elena came to us. All the creams, diapers, bath tub and more. Because once they pop out everything is going so fast. You will be crazy tired and the last thing you want to think about is to go and buy this and that what is necessary for your newborn. Make sure you have everything! I got very good advice from family and friends, also I read a lot in the app Preglife. The app has a checklist to-do before expected delivery day, I followed the list and had everything in place. My husband thought first that I was too earlier but after he also realized that it is definitely necessary.

This nursery stand is from Ikea and the white holders are also from Ikea.

The baby gym is a must have! Is fun for her and now she started to grab on to the toys hanging down from the wooden gym. First I was not sure to buy so early but I am so glad that I did. Cause we have used it from the first month and she is two month now.

The swaddler – hmm not so sure that this one was necessary to buy. It says that they will sleep better etc but I think she sleeps good without it also. So, I’m sorry but I don’t recommend to buy one. Use a blanket instead if you really want her or him to be wrapped up.

The nursery pillow is something I really use. And I love it so I say yes to this one. I don’t have a pic on that one but it’s not difficult to find one at the internet. They sell it in every baby store.

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