Carpet makes a difference

So, we really did some changes here at home this week. First of all, last Saturday I sold our glas/brass table and we were without a coffee table maybe during three days. I was lucky to find this white Ikea, fully new coffee table but second hand! Perfect and it gives more space now. It also brightens up the room.  The rug I’ve been longing for but been to cheap to buy plus we needed to get baby stuff first. Finally black Friday arrives and we drive directly to the store to get it for a bit less. So worth waiting for things! I am in love, it’s so cozy and soft to walk on. it makes the room more humble and it’s gonna be perfect for a little one to crawl, once she starts with that. I also gave away the old American rocking chair that I had with me when we moved in. I then changed to this simple Ikea chair. So to make it more interesting and eclectic I bought a white sheepskin to put on the chair and a finish touch one of my pillows at home. It is still empty on the walls with paintings or shelves but since we renovated them so nicely we still don’t want to destroy them. We are not gonna stay here forever so I always keep in mind not to make too many holes for the future buyers. Maybe stupid to even think about those things, but also it’s difficult to choose what to hang and how. We haven’t decided yet to have curtains in this room. We will see about that. As you can see, we still have some wires to be put back on the walls, why are we so lazy with those boring things! Well, well, it will happen…in time…

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