Changing-mat and other baby stuff

So, here are the last from my latest order for baby. It’s crazy how many things there are to buy but my advice is, buy only what’s necessary. There are so many things that’s suppose to make this and that easier but I always have in mind, how did our parents manage without all this material things that’s existing today? They managed just fine and I am a bit old school there. I understand the industry wants to make money and it’s easy to get captured away, especially when it’s the first baby. But then I also see on second hand how people suddenly just sell off new things. 

It’s up to you how you want to do but I say again, buy only what’s necessary plus you will probably get from your family, friends and colleges things that they have used for their kids. The best part is that you can find so many things now on internet for much more lower prices then in the stores. That’s how I do it. I check were I get the best price plus ordering when there is a good deal. 

These things I decided from before to order since I think it’s good. The changing mat, I found on discount on a Swedish website called Jollyroom. We gonna buy the changing table from Ikea, they have really nice once and for good prices. Also from the same website I ordered wash cloths, I have a few but this package of ten are good and also on discount. A little bath tub is maybe boring to buy but necessary, or so do I think. Here are also so many options, just choose the one that fits you and your lifestyle. And then a baby carrier from Ergobaby. This one is making it possible to carry your newborn baby from 0 month+ that’s why we bought this one. We first discussed if we should buy or not but when we look at our life situation and how we live it’s absolutely a good choice for us to have. Those things are of course more expensive but for a good reason I think. So, don’t be cheap on everything. I can’t wait to share pictures with you guys when everything is installed in our bedroom. Have a great, wonderful Friday!

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