I have not been so active on the blog and do you know why? I’ve had a lot of work that has made me tired, which mean no inspiration to blog. I think it feels pointless to just squeeze in a lot of posts, if I have no feeling for it. But that’s me! If I had been blogging as a full time job, well then it would be different.

But now it is weekend and now I’m here. Last weekend was the wedding in Stockholm, we had so much fun that we forgot to take enough with many pictures. Or the ones we did, we discovered the day after that perhaps it was not so good images after a few glasses of wine;) But we had fun. The clutch you can see on the pic, I had to my long dress. Too bad I did not get some nice pictures, then they would deff be up here. I’ll just wear the dress again and take pictures for you. On the wedding, there was placed out disposable cameras on each table, so I look forward to see how those pictures turned out! I’ll try to get it up on the blog.



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