Continuing summer till September

We have had a great summer this year. I don’t know how many time I have repeated myself but it’s true. And if you would live in Sweden then you would definitely understand what I’m talking about. It’s been so dry that it has been burning fires, big news etc. Like it happens in our south part of Europe when it’s too hot. Can you believe that it has happened here in Sweden too?! What a chock huh. But now, we have finally had some rain over the weekend and it feels like a real swedish summer. No, honestly I’ve been very happy with the heat though it’s been crazy warm, and also inside. All the air conditioning in shops has been sold-out! This is just crazy. You can tell that Sweden is not used to this warm climate. But, I will still keep my summer hat on the wall, my jute bag and sandals to see them. I still want to continue my summer at least till the end of September! I hope 😀 

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