Inredning,  Vardag

Curtains up!

Okey, so please don’t judge me. But I have been so lazy and tired to be active on the blog and also on Instagram. If I am not inspired I don’t like to put things that doesn’t have a meaning. Sorry, that is just who I am.

I love this fall so I am not gonna blame it this year on that. I blame it on my pregnancy ;P Everything has been fine though! We have had my mother staying here during two months now, since her apartment has been renovated. So, it’s been a bit of a mess. Three adults living in a two room apartment. We have managed though, just not as fun to blog when you have stuff everywhere. Plus, we are waiting for our little girl to arrive and we wanted to wait to fix the rest after my mum moved back home. So, now she is living in her nicely renovated apartment, I have promised to give you before and after pics, so will do. But she is waiting for her furnitures since she wanted to renew that too. 

Finally the curtains are up in the bedroom and the changing table is all set! I am so happy we chose to have curtains in the bedroom. This has been a discussion to have or not have. The room is so much cozier now and it feels like the ceiling is higher then before. I chose a nice dark olive color on the curtains and a white cotton one in the background. Makes it feels like a small hotel room. 

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