Eating pancakes and drinking coffee

My husband are really good catching me on pictures when I am so unprepared :D. We made pancakes yesterday for brunch. And ate with my favorite jam, directly homemade from my mother-in-law in Serbia. They have a huge garden with all kinds of fruit trees and apricots are the best down there. So the jam is delicious. I’m sorry all nice and fancy jams in stores, but this one is the best. Also the jam made out of prunes is great. I can eat it with just a spoon. Today’s sunday and after waking up, eating breakfast, doing some workout for my arms and back I will help my mum to start packing her things. As I’ve been writing before, she’s gonna renovate her apartment so her things needs to get packed. I am gonna take a lot of before pictures and then after. Can’t wait till the result! Happy sunday!

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