End of summer

I have noticed how the days are shorter now. By that mean the evenings are getting darker earlier on the evenings then before. I can feel how the end of summer is lingering. For us here in Sweden, I think we have finally been blessed. It’s been an unexpected warm summer and we had so much sunlight what we are not used to. So I say, we got a real boost of D-vitamin. 

Now is the time to take care of the last summer days with daylight. Explore your city. Lie down in the park, go to the beach or sit outside for a cup of coffee as long as possible. I don’t want summer to end but still I feel like this year it’s gonna be really nice and cozy with fall. 

Also this summer have taught me some valuable things. Think for yourself a moment and reflect over what the passed few months has been for you. Have you learnt anything new? Maybe something you want to change for yourself? 

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