Friday evening in Lomma

Last night, Mum, sis and I decided that we would go somewhere to sit outside. Why not go to cozy Lomma just outside Malmö. For those who do not know Lomma, it’s a cozy little harbor town at the far west of Skåne. Absolutely a smaller town I could have imagined to live in. Here is a nice beach that is getting full of people when it’s hot these days. You have to be out in a good time to get a spot.

Now that I’m pregnant, I like to have loose and comfortable clothes, preferably in cotton. Should it be a tight dress or shirt then it must feel like it is not tight. You just want to feel free and thank God for the summer this year! I do not need to have so much on my round body. The skin breathes. Of course I got a pair of heels as well. H & M shirt dress and last summer golden shoes, Michael Kors.

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