Inspo homes

If you get stuck and don’t know how to change at home, renovate or whatever i think the best way is to check on internet. Especially the ones that out on the markets, listings is what I mean. The last 10 years people have really opened their homes! In the advertising we can get so much inspiration and new ideas for how to change our homes. Here in Sweden it has become even more important how you have it at home. I mean, we have always been thinking about how to keep it nice at home and to create a nice atmosphere but it feels like it’s more important now. But it’s wonderful! Sure, it can get a bit hectic and maybe also stressful for some people. Like we think too much how to have it at home. As a realtor I heard alot people asking me if they have to have it certain way just to be able to sell their home. But this is of course not the real truth. It’s more important to get it nice and tidy and styled nicely to make a good impression on the pictures.Also people maybe get too stressed to have designer furnitures and take loans for this. But I say abso-fucking-lutely not. You put your own limits how far you are whiling to go. And if you carefully look what people have at their homes, the majority have a mix form old stuff and new stuff and maybe something borrowed. This cute studio flat I found on areal estate agents website Bolagets hemsida. Nicely renovated but they kept some nice old details. 

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