Leather, silk, faux fur…


Today there will be a trip across the ocean. Despite the cold, again, we will take the train. The feeling to come to Copenhagen, I can only say that I love it. Memories take me back when I worked there, the streets I’ve strolled through the rounds, and now I only remember good things. I’ll go over with a luxurious feel of leather, lacquer, faux fur and silk. Is there any woman who does not agree with me that these materials gives you the feeling of self-confidence? If so shout out if you think otherwise. For as far as I know, those comfortable cotton soft paints remain in the closet, far behind all other pressing in there and never to show up again. I write because we are all there this time of the year. It is cold outside, the cold will not give in yet, and I’m like a bear deep inside the cave. But then I remind myself that the time is running by too fast. Which means that not only to have lovely memories of spring and summer. Winter must also leave a mark. What can I say, I was born in the middle of summer, the 22 th of July. It can not be more summer over me so. I think I live in the wrong country; P


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