Me today

It’s gonna continue, as I wrote before, with a nice weather today. Maybe I’m boring right now with choice of clothes! But I haven’t made a big wardrobe of maternity clothes since I think it’s no needed too much. I will only buy when I feel like I need and maybe some size bigger for winter before delivery if it turns out that the maternity trousers and jeans I already have gets too small. But enough said about that. Oh, by the way same accessories as yesterday except I forgot the ring here. Check the post here from yesterday from what brands.

Today is the middle of the week and I love it. It’s close to weekend and you start to think of plans what to do. Maybe a picnic with your partner or a nice visit to a restaurant? Your choice. I know already that on Saturday I will continue helping my mum out with her packing of stuff. She is moving in to us next week as they are gonna renovate her apartment. I’m so excited to see the finish result! I promise to make sure to take before and after pictures on this. Since it’s gonna be a huge change. It’s everything from top to toe. Todays people are crazy about renovations, don’t know why but we just are. I am for sure. Love to see how different you can make it from before. Heading to town soon. Cao!

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