My dream destinations

All of us wants to do those travels we wish for. Those who hasn’t yet been planned or those you want to do again. I’ve collected some few here but trust me there is far more places I would like to visit one day. 


1. Getting to sandy beaches with crystal blue water wouldn’t been wrong. My mom goes in February 2019 and we would love to go with her, but now we are expecting a visit from our little baby so we never booked. But we’ll enjoy her amazing pictures and maybe go next next winter. To get into the caves, wow that looks awesome!

Lissabon, Portugal

2. Please, take me there! I’ve been wanting to go to Portugal for so long now. Everything looks so cozy and they say if you love Barcelona then you will love Lissabon even more. I found a blog with some tip to do in Lissabon.

Pics taken from Urban Pixxels.  Kolla in inlägget för fler tips.

French Riviera

3. A big dream destination. But I would like to sail around. To be able to sail around the riviera and down along Italy, Croatia etc. YEs please! All the wonderful pictures that is up on social medias. I’m just enjoying! Maybe that’s why I ordered a poster with a pic on the french riviera? 

Kalifornien, USA

4. Of course Cali! There are so many places in the United States that I want to see but to choose one of them, I chose California. It had been great fun to try surfing, enjoy the beautiful vibes that the people have there, good smoothies (you can do home also but a different feeling), go around and watch the splendid mansions and of course visit Hollywood. I do not say no to that. Pic from Unsplash

There are lots of destinations, my list does not end here. But in order not to post too long, I save for next time. There is room for multiple posts and new destinations that I will post. Perhaps I give you an idea of your next destination. I hope so!

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