Monstera is cleaning your air at home

We have seen this flower everywhere. It’s a popular plant in our homes and I never get tired of her. I see my plants as my girls, sounds crazy! But I really love my plants and to look after them everyday is something I love. That is how you take care of your lovely plants at home. They need love and affection and if there is someone out there who doesn’t agree, then you shouldn’t have flowers at home 😉
   Back to this one. Monstera as the ability to clean the air in your home. Inside we have a big circulation of  microscopic particles that this plant can clean out from a room. The particles comes from pillows, computers, tv and much more. Even residues from our own exhalation air circulate, which makes the climate worse. But the monstera’s large leaves have tiny, microscopic openings that absorb these particles and then transform them into nutrition. Really good choice of a plant at home. Since she is growing new leaves all the time you can take out or cut nice ones to have in a vase. Also give away as a gift to friend since the get new roots to plant in new soil. A great gift!

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