Outfit transition from summer to fall

This can be tricky when it comes to clothing. It’s a little chilly but not too chilly to start wearing the whole fall outfit. I always think it’s difficult what to wear and here in Scandinavia we can never trust the weather. Either it’s windy, rainy to then suddenly the clouds are breaking up and it gets sunny again. Especially in our town Malmo it can often be windy since it’s by the ocean. So, I figured that I might post something about this. How to get dressed for after-summer pre-fall clothing. I found nice inspiration to go for and this I’ll share with me here. Look at these nice outfits down below.

Pic from here
I have never myself been wearing too much white since I am always making a stain or something. So I’ve been careful with the color but it’s so beautiful, especially like this. I like how they done layer on layer but it still feels like summer. The knitwear is fall and the sandals are just summer. I don’t want to cover my toes until I have to.

Pic from here
This blush is so nice mixed with a bit of orange. I love how those two colors mix so well. Here with the nice coat for fall but still showing ankles and toes. Just perfect!

Pic from here
And the last cool outfit is of course jeans on top of jeans. I was scared before to mix jeans but now I think it’s so nice. I can’t wait to wear my old jeans since I can only wear maternity jeans now. 

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