Plannin’ n Packin’

2014-06-24 17.52.34

2014-06-24 17.49.06 (1)//Okay, I’m going to se over the last things to pack for my vacay. We are heading down to Belgrade and then take the car and further to Croatia and one turn to Montenegro. Many of us in Sweden has background from the Balkans. And what a luxury it is when there are incredible places to visit. Croatia has long been a popular destination for Scandinavians but also Montenegro on a small scale . However, I discovered last year when I was down in Belgrade how many Scandinavians were on visit. Both Norwegian, Danish and Swedes. Incredible! Now we will be gone the entire month of July and the flight leaves today. Absolutely wonderful, can not remember the last time I was away for a month like this. I’ll try to disconnect me from the internet and the iPhone as much as possible, but some updates would be fun to catch up with the blog.

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