Ready for vacay!

We are leaving on Sunday evening. The long-awaited holiday is here (yes, I work a little today and tomorrow, but very little). Packing is always the same problem, what should I have with and not? Will it be too much or too little clothes? Maybe I will use it or just use half of it. Never mind. 

I have been looking for bikinis, which I wrote last time. H & M had nothing to offer. And their fit is not so good always. Maybe for some but I didn’t have that luck. Today, I finally had the luck with me. I found in the Intersport store. Better quality, fit and brand. So good! Jewelry is also important for the holiday. It’s not a day when I do not have jewelry on me. So it has been since I was little. Without jewelry I’m naked. Here’s how I put up some of all jewelry to see what’s going to be handy. Finally, a circle of colors. Looks like candy!
It will be a fun color scale, I really see what colors I have the most from. Or I have more in the wardrobe. This is a good way to see what you have at home and what to not buy or to buy next time. So, Bon voyage!

Haha, you can see me in the picture! Guess were?!

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