#TBT 2018

So, this post should have been in the end of the year but rather late then never. I have picked my best pics from the year that has passed. Why I have picked them has to do with the feeling, inspiration and happening in that month. Let’s get a #tbt moment…

Okey, the quality of the pictures is not perfect. But why this one? We started the year by moving in and renovate our flat. That is why I love this pic.

So, this gallery shows some of the pictures from February 2018. When we started to renovate we wanted to start in the bedroom. I was so eager to still make it nice and cozy for us also I wanted to take some pics for the blog. These are some of my favorites.

This pic gave me a real summer vibe feeling. The smell of salty water and nice warm breezes. I was longing for summertime here.
We started to get everything done.
Planning vacay in June…Going to Paris
I was soooo happy for my summer slippers and also my Monstera.

Our trip to Paris was perfect. We were so happy here since we knew that we were pregnant:)))

This summer was perfect! I have more pics from July month…coming up next…
My bump were growing 😀
Still warm September but getting a bit chilly outside.

Celebrating many birthdays for friends and family September month.

Getting closer till expected delivery date
Getting the bedroom ready for one more person

Xmas is close and prepping more for our little one.

December month and I didn’t post anything more since Elena came the 6th and all focus was on her as it should be.

I hope you enjoyed a little tbt from 2018! Maybe you have seen some pics before or haven’t. Either way it is always nice to go back a for a moment in time. Happy weekend!

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