Third trimester

So, now I’m in third trimester. Stomach is getting rounder, she is kicking stronger inside and I’m getting heavier. But it’s all good. My hip doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ve been able to work out light here at home. Powerwalks hasn’t been so easy cause it feels like I’m not getting anywhere, so I’ve been using the bike instead. I have around 81 days left according to the app, maybe she will be early or late, we will see. We still have things to prepare at home, and some small things to buy. I am starting to use more and more of my husbands clothes like bigger jumpers etc, not the clothes below on the pictures though. These are taken in the middle of this week. I feel a little tired and lazy but that’s a part of pregnancy I think. My skin is perfect right now! So happy for this since I usually have some small acne problems. My hair is also feeling great! And I think that’s about it for now. 

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