This weekend

Well, the weekend ended fast. We didn’t do so much, I manage to get some sleep while my husband took Elena during Saturday morning. Finally we went out for a cup of coffee to then get back home to put Elena to sleep. Yesterday, Sunday, I managed to get to the gym. Wohoo, my first gym workout since the delivery. The body is coming back slowly but faster then I thought. Here is a postpartum pic on me, two month and a week after delivery. It’s really interesting how the body works. I feel it’s amazing what it can do.

#postpartum week 9 :DD

Today I hung up my two posters that I bought this summer. I changed my mind, instead of having them in the living room they ended up in the bedroom. I don’t have so much time right now to play with the interior at home since Elena takes up 100% of my focus. But that is how it is now, and I will get more and more use to having a baby around!:P How does other mum bloggers manage?

Before heading to town Saturday
Today on insta after a coffee break in town.
My two big loves!
It feels like we just cuddle all day long…

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