What is a home for you?



// What is a home for you? What does your home for you? Is it a small nook or maybe your kingdom? Should you buy it a little cheaper but stylish Ikea furniture or should you save every penny to afford a Barcelona chair?
I say ‘It’s up to you’. A home can consist of a lot of lamps in its various forms. A large hat and with no hat at all. Or she who loves paintings. Large pompous paintings that take place throughout the living room, or the small peeping up at the hall. Then we have those homes that have basically inherited half the grandmother’s home. Just as we humans are different, this is reflected in our homes. Just like a dog resemble his master, similar the house to you … or perhaps but almost. Something that I think is important is to know that when I come in through the door it should feel like that 10 kg have released my shoulders. Now I’m home, and now I only do things that I enjoy. I love to change, re-do, paint, and yes … you understand. I want to change my residence after the seasons are. And along the way how I feel. It is important to me.

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