Our times body fixation

 I want to share with you now what kind of thoughts are spinning around. I have body complex just like everyone else though not say that I don’t love my body. First of all, I’ve been trying to be friends with my arms in years!! Some people are fortuned to have those slim, self-natural muscular arms but what have I got ?! Soft and round arms struggling with exercise. If I would stop working out then they will be soft again and oh what I can hate them from time to time. And now I like them a little less because with weight gain of pregnancy, I’m also more curvy, including my arms. Okay, the man at home does not complain;) Of course, I will accept this when I’m pregnant. And I do work out even if I’m pregnant, but I definitely do not push myself with a lot of goals as I can see that some people are doing while pregnant! Training is great and I agree with that, but to focus on a slim pregnant body, and then happens the baby get born too early, no thanks. This is crazy that you should feel such pressure even when you are pregnant. No, no, I actually feel beautiful and lovely in my round stomach and my extra round arms.    My stomach is my second complex. Oh yes, I’ve always been struggling with this and now when you “want a minimal waist with a butt bigger of what’s normal”, hmmm what happens to our beauty ideal? I do not need that trend, I have my hips and my waist (when I’m not pregnant). For me this is unrealistic. I think the natural way is the most beautiful way.    I have never had complex of my breast, can you imagine! This may be typical for us women to have, or not? I even miss my normal size for now they are so big, in my eyes, that I do not recognize my little oranges. Now, at least, I can call them for honey melons haha. Do you remember the test with the pen under your chest? If a pen could get stuck, yes, then you had succeeded with big breasts. This was in elementary school! It’s really crazy that we were competing about those things in that age. I have never managed a pen. Maybe after breastfeeding.     What I want to say is that it’s scary how the fixation on ourself is so wide and that many people think that to be loved you need to look at a certain way. I care about myself and I also think it’s important to work out and fuel your body with good things. I like to keep fit but what I want to say is to do it on a healthy level. And even understand that, regardless of whether you exercise a lot, there is an appeal to cellulite, bigger bone structure / smaller bone structure or anything else you have in your genes. Make friends with it. I have cellulite and get more when I do not exercise. I think you should get to know your body and follow it. See what your body is doing well and ignore what everyone else says. I have never suffered from anorexia or bulimia, I can only imagine what a terrible disease this is and wish that all girls and boys who suffer from this will be helped. There are better ways to feel good. Remind yourself that you own your body and no one else. Love your body and make peace with it. Fuel it good cause when you do it means that you love yourself for real.   


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