What a day

I’m totally out today! Okay, I’ve been tired lately since we got this heat here in Sweden. But today I’m extra tired. The stomach is swollen and tense, I can not eat anything because of the heat and barely I can drink water because it fills my stomach. Today, I’m extra swollen about my stomach and I do not know if it’s heat or just the baby is growing. Of course it’s both parts. Thank God for going to Klagshamn beach today. We sat in the shade, so it was nice and cooling. But as soon as I got home, it was crazy hot in the apartment. Now I’m at my mother’s home because they are running relining in our society, it’s drainage of sewers and reinforcement. So we are not allowed to use our bathrooms, neither shower nor flush. So now I sit with the computer plus the Ikea catalog has arrived so I will definitely go through it. Love their catalogs, always fun. So, good evening!  

Belly takes place…
…and I’m all done.

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